Starting back in midsummer, my goal was to raise $100,000 for the local bilingual preschool program La Escuelita San Alban, whether it be from book sales or through individual donors.

I want to let you all know that I have since reached my fundraising goal! It has been a deeply enriching and fulfilling experience to do this. People have been so responsive to the cause, and it’s because of people’s interest and generosity regarding La Escuelita that we are here today. This $100,000 means not only a lot for me personally but a lot for the school in general; for the next two years,  La Escuelita will be able to enjoy financial security, further allowing them to prepare Hispanic children in the Lake Norman area for kindergarten. This is a very formative time in the program’s growth, and this milestone will serve it in its ambitions to enrich the lives of Hispanics through education.

I plan to continue fundraising and staying involved with the program’s growth. I want to thank everyone who has given, talked about, and got involved with La Escuelita and the fundraising goal. It is truly a group endeavor, and it’s something that is going to directly aid the lives of people in our community right now.

Thank you all so much.